Padma Awards list 2020 from Uttarakhand

Padma Awards list 2020 from Uttarakhand

               List of Padam awardee from uttarakhand for 2020

Padma Bhushan  – पद्म भूषण

1.डॉ. अनिल प्रकाश जोशी – Dr. Anil Prakash Joshi 

Anil Prakash Joshi is an Indian environmental activist, social worker, botanist and founder of the organization Himalayan Environmental Studies and Conservation (HESCO), a nongovernmental organization based in Dehradun involved in the development of environmentally friendly technologies for agriculture.

Joshi has launched several social programmes, based on resource-based rural development, such as Women Technology Park, Technology Intervention for Mountain-Eco System, Ecological Food Mission in Mountain and Women’s Initiative for Self Employment

Anil Prakash Joshi was born on 6 April 1955 at Kotdwar ,He got  Padma Shri, in 2006.


Padma Shri          – पद्मश्री

1. पर्यावरणविद कल्याण सिंह रावत – Mr Kalyan Singh Rawat 

Mr Kalyan Singh Rawat is the man behind the Maiti Movement of Uttarakhand. He is a retired teachers and promoting forestation by this unique ideology . “Maiti ” word meaning  is married woman’s paternal home. In this program married woman plant a tree in his village or paternal home and other unmarried girls her friend give water and shelter to plant until next spring .

“Trees are like gold for the mountain people, they give us shade in the summers and oxygen and water for our survival, This unique afforestation drive in the hills that centers around women has now become so popular that the event is even printed in wedding cards”, Said Kalyan Singh Rawat.

He was teacher of Biology in different places of uttarakhand and he promotes plantation .

2. डॉ. योगी ऐरन -Dr Yogi Aeron,

Dr Yogi Aeron, the plastic  surgeon who treats burn patients for free in Dehardun , is Padam Shri awardee for 2020.

Dr Yogi treat more then 500 burn patients free of cost every year, He is the “Himalayan Doctor “.His clinic, located near Malsi – on the way to the hill station of Mussorie, is dedicated to providing medical assistance to the people of the hills, which also include those suffering from burns or injuries caused by animals.

He was Born in Muzaffarpur district of Uttar Pradesh in 1937, he got admission in the famous King George Medical College in Lucknow on his fifth attempt.

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