Good News !! “Zero” Maternal and infant mortality rate in Rudraprayag 2019

Mothe -infant

Bravo!!  Rudraprayag Health Deapartment

In Uttarakhand, the health department in Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand has received significant achievement in the past year. Rudraprayag has become the only district in the state where infant and maternal mortality during childbirth is still zero. No Pregnant woman or the baby died in the district in 2019. The Department of Health has launched the Maa App experimentally by DM Mangesh Gheldiyal initiative in 2019  last year. The health of high-risk pregnant women was followed closely by the health department. Their results are pleasing.

Introduction of MAA (Mother Awakening Application ) App has a significant role in achieving this insure healthy Pregnancy, Child protection and Healthy Motherhood

In Rudraprayag, all pregnant women were targeted to be monitored and  target also succeeded. if we see the poor condition of health facilities in Uttarakhand , achievement of Rudraprayag district health department will be guiding factor for other district as well.

Rudraprayag’s achievement also shows that solutions of complex problems are possible with strong will and new thinking.

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