Ghanti Wala Mandir-Golu Dewta( God of Justice)

Golu devta

           Ghanti Wala Mandir(Temple of Bells)

                   Golu Dewta( God of Justice)

Golu Devta is the god of justice.The famous Temple of Chitai, Almora (Uttarakhand) is actually known as Golu Devta Chitai temple, dedicated to Golu Devta or Goljyu Devta an Avtar of Lord Shiva in the form of Gaur Bhairav. One more famous temple in ghorakhal , near to Ranikhet (Uttarakhand)

Here people write there wish on a paper and some even on a government registered note and tie somewhere in the temple  with red thread..Once fulfilled you need to visit again and unlock the tie again and  tie a brass bell at the temple. There are thousands of bells around the temple, some even the size of an adult person and weighing hundreds is know as “Temple of Bells”

People from all over the country visit this temple,this is just 9 Km far from almora city( Kumaon) Uttarakhand , it is believed to be built by  Rai dynasty of Dhumakot around 15th century AD. People of Kumaon and nearby places have immense faith in the help one can get for relief from any kind of pain, humiliation and injustice.

See some breathtaking pics of “Ghanti wala Mandir”


You can see thousands of bells all around the temple. that’s why it is  famous as temple of bells.

People write their wishes in the plain paper , even in stamp paper and tie up here .

Golu devta



Everywhere only bells are hanging , some are even hundreds of kilos.

Golu Devta

Front view itself describe the temple.


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